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Barbara Lemieux, 2016

Angela Strozewski Appointed Chief Operating Officer of New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp

Angela Strozewski has been appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp (NHMB). NHMB is a shared service organization that provides essential services to three one-hundred fifty year old mutual community banks in New Hampshire – Savings Bank of Walpole, Merrimack County Savings Bank (the Merrimack) and Meredith Village Savings Bank (MVSB) – as well as their sister organization NHTrust, a full-service trust and investment management firm. As Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Strozewski will oversee Digital Banking, Deposit and Loan Services, Fraud, Compliance and BSA oversight, the Customer Resource Center and Facilities for all of the NHMB affiliate organizations.

Strozewski began her career at the Merrimack 32 years ago working in mostly the accounting and finance areas. As her career progressed, she served several roles in the finance department including Financial Accounting Officer, Assistant Vice President and Assistant Treasurer and Vice President and Controller. In 2011, Strozewski was promoted to Vice President, Operations and Reporting and was responsible for finance, loan operations, deposit operations and collections. In 2013, Strozewski assumed responsibility for deposit and loan operations and collections at Meredith Village Savings Bank as well as the Merrimack. In 2014, she was promoted to Senior Vice President and Operations Officer for NHMB and in 2020 she was again promoted to Executive Vice President, Senior Operations Officer for NHMB. Strozewski leads the Payments Strategy Team at NHMB and is part of the company’s NHMB Leadership Team working to ensure that excellent services are being provided both internally and externally.

“Over the past several years, Angela has taken on more and more responsibilities for our company and without exception, has managed these areas well and positioned us for success.  Her focus on the customer experience drives her to deliver excellence in every aspect of our company’s operations”, noted President & CEO Gregg Tewksbury. “Angela is a wonderful leader of staff, always advocating for their needs and always there with her support and guidance.  Her even-keeled style makes her both approachable and an often sought-after team member for projects.  She’s always willing to step up and do more.”

Recently named to Governor Sununu’s newly created Commission on Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets, Strozewski is also active in her local community, and is currently a member of the Board of Directors and current Treasurer of The Friends Program in Concord. She received her BS in Financial Management from Franklin Pierce University. She is a graduate of Northern New England School of Banking and the New England School of Financial Studies.

New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp