Barbara Lemieux, 2016

MVSB Sponsors Celebrate Laconia’s Downtown Banner Project

A banner is shown from the Celebrate Laconia banner project in downtown Laconia. Courtesy photo

MVSB recently sponsored the Celebrate Laconia downtown banner project. From right, Jessica Ruel, MVSB Branch & Business Development Manager in Laconia, Jaylene Bengtson, Celebrate Laconia Project Director, Sue DeCarolis, and Kerry Herward, MVSB Universal Banker in Laconia.

Celebrate Laconia is set to continue its downtown Laconia banner project with the assistance of a $5,000 sponsorship from MVSB. Recently, thirteen banners were installed on light posts featuring artwork from Laconia High School students in Alison Withum’s Art Class. Celebrate Laconia seeks to install twelve more in the near future.

“The project is in its initial stages but has already been well received by the community,” said Jaylene Bengtson, Celebrate Laconia Project Director. “We plan to collaborate with local schools for future banners and eventually turn it into an annual contest for students and local artists. We are grateful for the support we have received and we look forward to growing the program in years to come.”

“Celebrate Laconia has brought many wonderful new additions to our community and we are proud to show our support with this sponsorship,” said Jessica Ruel, MVSB Branch & Business Development Manager in Laconia. “This project is a great way to showcase artwork from students and connect them to their local community.”

Bengtson said this program started as a collaboration between the Powerhouse Theater Collaborate and the Belknap Mill, where the students were prompted to create designs that celebrate Laconia. The students’ names are featured at the bottom of the banners. Go to to learn more about the organization or to get involved.

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