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Barbara Lemieux, 2016

MVSB Offers Local Business Banking Support to CBS Medical Billing in Exeter

From left – MVSB’s Julie Clement, VP Business Development & Small Business Lender and Angela Salb, VP Commercial Loan Officer with CBS Medical Billing & Consulting’s Erica Leavis, Director of Human Resources & Business Development, Erin Cammarata, Founder & Principal, and Stacy Toner, Chief Operations Officer.

Erin Cammarata, Founder & Principal of CBS Medical Billing & Consulting in Exeter, has worked closely with MVSB’s Angela Salb, Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer, and Julie Clement, Vice President, Business Development, for the last several years to help support her ever changing business banking needs. So, when she was looking to purchase the property space she was renting, she worked closely with the team to finance the company’s office space in the Exeter Executive Park.

“We have worked with MVSB on a several occasions over the years, and Angela, Julie and the team have been nothing short of amazing,” said Erin. “Their business banking expertise and guidance have truly made a difference in our success and we are thrilled to have them as a partner in this journey.”

“CBS’s dedication to excellence in healthcare services perfectly aligns with our commitment to providing personalized attention and service to our local businesses,” said Angela. “It’s especially rewarding to work with a business growing and thriving. We are very proud to be able to support CBS Medical Billing & Consulting with their financing as well as with their day-to-day business banking needs.”

Erin started her medical career in the orthotics and prosthetics industry by fabricating artificial limbs and body braces. Through this work, she saw firsthand the challenges that medical practices can face managing their financing, billing and compliance procedures. She moved to the front-end of the practice and found passion in staying on the forefront of with Medicare regulations and policies. After working as a consultant for major medical firms and seeing an increased demand for her services, she opened her own practice.

CBS Medical Billing & Consulting was established in 2010 and assists medical practices with billing services, revenue cycle management, practice management support and more. Go to to learn more.

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