Barbara Lemieux, 2016

ABA Banking Journal Podcast: A Trio of Mutual Banks Find Savings Together

Podcast: A Trio of Mutual Banks Find Savings Together

Listen in as Gregg Tewksbury, President and CEO of NHMB and Phil Emma, President of the Merrimack, discuss the how the NHMB mutual holding structure allows each bank to retain its unique community presence, while benefitting from shared services and values. “The mutual holding company create efficiencies that are necessary for us to fuel earnings, to fuel capital and to remain competitive in the long-term,” said Gregg.

New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp, a mutual holding company, was formed in 2013 when two New Hampshire-based community banks, Meredith Village Savings Bank and Merrimack County Savings Bank, formally affiliated – the first relationship of its kind in New Hampshire. This strategic partnership has positioned the Banks to leverage each other’s strengths as they work together to advance a shared vision of maintaining and enhancing their community banking standards and values. MillRiver Wealth Management joined as a third subsidiary of NHMB in 2015, combining the financial advisory divisions of MVSB and The Merrimack. In July 2018, Savings Bank of Walpole joined as a fourth subsidiary. NHMB combined assets total more than $2.2 billion.



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